St. Michael's Parish Church, Aylsham, Norfolk.

In 1911 Norman and Beard rebuilt an earlier organ by J. C. Bishop, which itself was a rebuild of an earlier organ by Samuel Green. Norman and Beard installed the organ with the Disc & Button Drawstop mechanism. This mechanism was designed at the request of the blind organist Alfred Hollins. All the stops are in a row above the Swell keys and, to blind organists the system enables it to be quicker to ascertain which stops are on or off. For a sighted organist it has the advantage that all of the Drawstops are within the organist's view at any time. This system comprises a Drawstop shaped, engraved Disc and, under it, a smaller Button. To draw the stop the Button is pushed in and to cancel the stop the Disc is pushed in. Of the surviving instruments with this mechanism, Aylsham is now thought to be the largest.

Henry Willis & Sons have carried out a complete re-leathering of this organ together with cleaning and overhauling the pipework. The Bellows have been re-leathered and the Soundboards have been overhauled in the factory.