All Saints' Parish Church, Carshalton, Surrey.

Henry Willis & Sons has rebuilt this 1895 Willis organ, also completing the specification. The elaborate case and screen, by Sir Ninian Comper was erected when, in 1932, the organ was moved west from its original position in the North Choir Aisle. The cost of providing the casework meant that the proposed specification was never completed. The choir organ was added in 1957 under the direction of Henry Willis III. The recent work has enabled the organ to be re-disposed in the gallery and the console brought down to ground level and made mobile. The space that was occupied by the console behind the Chaire case now houses the Great Organ which is able to speak into the building. The Choir Organ has been moved to the position formerly occupied by the Great Organ, and has now become an extremely useful division. The 'prepared for' or incomplete ranks have now been added.