St. Paul's Church, Royton, Lancashire.

In 1888 St. Paul's church was rebuilt with a new choir vestry and a purpose built organ chamber at which point a new organ was built by George Benson & Son of Manchester. In 1956 the organ was substantially rebuilt by Harrison & Harrison of Durham when the specification was enlarged and the console moved to a plinth along side the organ chamber. The existing material was essentially remade and re-voiced in Harrison style. The new Harrison console was controlled electro-pneumatically.

Henry Willis & Sons have cleaned and overhauled this three manual organ and re-leathered all of the internal the actions, replaced all electromagnets, rebuilt the console and fitted a new canbus Solid State switching and capture system with 999 levels of memory, MIDI capability, stepper, sequencer and transposer. The Great 8' Flute has been replaced; the Great Mixture has been re-cast; the Tromba has been re-voiced and the remainder of the tonal scheme has been rebalanced.

The consultant for this project has been Paul Hale.