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A New Organ for Stichting Cathedral, Leiden, Holland.

Henry Willis & Sons has recently been chosen as the builder of the new organ for Stichting Cathedral in Leiden, near Amsterdam. Click for more details on this project.

To visit Stichting Cathedral's own website click here:

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Building Expansion

In September 2008 Henry Willis & Sons purchased the Freehold of an adjoining building, which was originally a part of the same complex of buildings built in 1876. This development will allow us to have an extensive Building Hall entirely separate from the other parts of the factory, will bring our total floor space up to 27,500 sq. ft. and giving additional storage space.

Image courtesy of Google Maps.

The building was previously occupied by a well-known heavy engineering company and following their removal in March, has been cleaned in readiness for redecoration, which is currently underway.

The new facility includes five-ton and two-ton rolling cranes and full height access from street level for delivery and collection of containers and lorries etc..

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All Saints' Church, Carshalton

Henry Willis & Sons has recently been awarded the contract to rebuild this 1895 Willis organ, also completing the specification. The elaborate case and screen, by Sir Ninian Comper was erected when the organ was moved from its original position in the North Choir Aisle. The present choir organ, added in 1957 under the direction of Henry III, is now to be remodelled. The addition of a Great "Double", Pedal Ophicleide/Trombone and Violone is also planned as a part of this work. Click for more details on this project.

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The Works Clock.

The clock has now been installed and set up. The two dials in St. Anne Street are once again showing the time.

The previous occupants of our factory building removed the clock when they left in 2003 and we are delighted to announce that a replacement mechanical clock of 1899 by Joyce of Whitchurch has now been purchased and restored by Mr. Philip Irvine.

The 'striking' side of the clock will eventually be put back into full use following the purchase of a suitable bell.

Click here to see all the pictures of the Clock

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A New Organ

A New Organ of 55 Stops over 4 Manuals and Pedals is to be built in J.L. Pearson's church of St. Matthew-in-the-City, Auckland, New Zealand with new cases for both transept and chancel elevations.

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Christ Church, Port Sunlight

In 2006 Henry Willis & Sons was chosen to carry out a complete overhaul of the 1904 four-manual, Willis II organ (the only surviving, unaltered, large instrument built by Henry II) to include complete re-leathering of all 24 reservoirs, 15 concussions, all faceboard concussions, re-leathering of all Willis-lever key actions and piston combination actions, thorough cleaning and restoration of the pipework and restoration of the console. The first stage of the work (releathering of the four large reservoirs in the blowing chamber and all 20 of the other resersoirs in the organ, releathering of all concussions etc.) was completed in 2006 and the releathering of all of the Willis-lever actions and piston combination system has been completed in the early part of 2007. The final stage of the work which will include the cleaning and opverhauling of the whole of the remainder of the instrument will take place later in 2007. Click for more details on this project.

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Article in The Organ 2006
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