St. Mary & St. Gabriel, Stoke Gabriel

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This Harrison and Harrison organ has had a well travelled life. Originally built in 1919 for Mr. Eastwood of Woodyates Manor, Dorset it was moved to Norfolk in 1935 where Mr. Harris had it installed in Denver Mill - a windmill which dominates the fen skyline. Following Mr. Harris' death his widow gave the organ to The Royal School of Church Music at Addington Palace in 1970 where it lived in the Robing Room and was known as The Denver Organ. When the R.S.C.M. moved premises the organ came to Devon, to be installed in St. Mary and St. Gabriel's Church where it has been since 1996.

Henry Willis & Sons were approached to make the instrument more versatile and to make it speak better in the building. As the organ had originally been conceived for a house, it was quite softly-spoken despite ranks having been added to it over the years using soundboard clamps. The organ was removed in its entirety to our factory in Liverpool where it has undergone a complete cleaning together with re-leathering the bellows, re-leathering all internal actions, complete soundboard restoration, making of new wind trunking, electrification of the drawstop action and fitting a new solid state note switching and piston capture system. A new chest has been made for the 16' Contra Oboe and Trumpet and their places on the Swell soundboard have been taken by a new Gemshorn and Two Rank Mixture. The Contra Oboe has now also been made available to the Pedal Organ and as an 8' rank in the Swell. Using the new switching system a 32' Acoustic Bass and 32' Harmonics have been created to give the instrument more power and gravitas and increase the Pedal organ from three to six stops. The Great Organ has been provided with an Octave Coupler.

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