Wonersh,UK, Saint John's Seminary

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New casework of Pitch Pine


The restored Console

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The restored 1866 Father Willis formerly from St. Markís Church, Horsham was recently installed in the West Gallery of the Chapel of St. Johnís Seminary, Wonersh, Surrey.

This larger part of this instrument was rescued from the church prior to its demolition in 1985 and was stored in our Petersfield factory for many years before its new home was found. Unfortunately the bottom of the 16ft Pedal Open Wood was unable to be rescued and therefore these pipes have been replaced by new. The instrument had been remodelled and re-scaled in the 1890s by J.W. Walker: all of the later additions have been reversed, a new replacement two-rank mixture made for the Great and a 16ft Pedal Ophicleide provided on the Pedal Organ.

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